Florist jam session

Florist is recording a jam session next weekend at their catacomb near the power plant. Markus Angel will bring his supergear and operate it. This will be the second attempt to complete the december 2009 "why not" - session.

A pretty much unplanned search for riffs and/or broader visions are being explored during 48 hours that hopefully will end up to their next release in the near future.

Initial plan is to come up with four complete songs and to smile for the camera.

Stay tuned for updates!

09.09.2010 10:39 | petteri
19.09.2010 16:13 | Lassi
23.09.2012 12:29 | Henry
Thank you for posting these feoobcak pages of the wire services. As a florist for the past 39 years, I am embarrassed to be a member of Teleflora and will be canceling my membership. I have felt for the past few years that the wire services are a detriment to the integrity of the flower business by their promises to deliver the world .same day delivery no second choices and all for 29.99.Their frenzy to capture as many orders as possible without letting the customers know the limitations of the florists is the epitomy of greed. They undersell the product, over promise the expectations of the customer, and set the florist up for failure. It is time for florists to develop their own websites and educate the public to use a search engine to find flowers delivered in and urge them to talk directly to the local florist in the town where they want the flowers delivered. Wire services are no longer needed in the age of free long distance and the internet.
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